Sailing cruises for singles to the Aeolian Islands


Have you ever wondered how much fun a singles cruise can be with people you've never seen before?Many have been doing it for years and can no longer do without it... Many are afraid of meeting unpleasant people on board and ruining their holiday. Some are perplexed and conflicted but allured to the idea ... I assure you that it is a holiday to try, the boat creates great friendships and you will find yourself sharing all of your day with people who love nature and the sea ... this type of cruise is best suited to single people, and given the large influx of women, I address myself in particular to you single men, the holidays should be planned now we are, do not miss this opportunity.

June, July, August and September are the best months to visit the Aeolian Islands ... In June you will find more wind for your sailing, lower prices, less crowded places and certainly more relaxation on board ... In July the islands will begin to come alive, the wind medium, great swimming in the most beautiful bays still semi-deserted....In August the explosion of worldliness, aperitifs, crowded places, you can sleep under the stars, counting the falling stars and the sea and the coast will continue to retain the charm of all time ... September come the first disturbances, the wind refreshes, the water is always warm for your long swims and your snorkeling, restaurants, beaches and coves less crowded for lovers of tranquility.Life on board, whatever month you choose, will always be marked by good food, good music and good company, we will begin to know the first day organizing the galley together with the skipper, that will be the time where they will begin to build the first friendships, especially for the choice of good wine in Sicily does not lack. The skippers also excellent cooks will make you taste even on board the best of Sicilian cuisine, here the products are not lacking, think of fresh fish, seasonal vegetables, pistachios, almonds, dried tomatoes ... all say that here they have another flavor!!!! believe us!!!

Even the kitchen on board will be a great moment of aggregation who will want to show their culinary skills, otherwise everyone can express themselves in what they do best ... sailing, chatting, play music, cooking, making cocktails, swimming, fishing, but remember that nothing is required, you can also just sunbathe and drink a cold beer at sunset.Have we managed to tempt you singles? Life on board is waiting for you!!! good wind to everyone!!!

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