Exclusive rental

Sailing or catamaran cruise with skipper

Do you have the desire to go on a boat trip with your family? Are you a group of friends and can't wait to try the experience of a sailing boat or catamaran holiday? With EnjoySail this little desire can come true thanks to the service offered of exclusive rental with skipper!

But how does exclusive boat hire work?

This service involves the rental of a boat in which the customer stays, but the responsibility for the boat, the conduct and safety of passengers are the responsibility of the crew or skipper. The difference with cabin charter is that in this case you do not share the boat with other guests. Exclusive charter means that only the crew and the guests who have booked the boat or catamaran will be on the boat.  

Why choose to rent a sailing boat or a catamaran with skipper with EnjoySail:

  • Expert skippers and deep connoisseurs of the territory. Miles, salt, heart, wind, passion. The skipper knows deeply the territories of your trip and will take you to the discovery of magnificent places with experience and professionalism;
  • Travel programs for all tastes. With EnjoySail you can choose between 4 different destinations, in different modes (flotilla or not), for a weekend or a week;
  • Availability and experience We are an organized and tested team, we work together for years to give dream holidays to all our customers, entrusted to us;
  • Leave without worries, your skipper will consult weather reports, read nautical charts, contact the various harbour masters and obtain permits and all the documents you need for navigation;
  • Fun for kids A skipper on a boat also means having the opportunity to learn something about sailing techniques, especially children have a lot of fun discovering the basics of sailing.

So what are you waiting for? Book and sail with us!


We will be available to organize your cruise. Our secretary will contact you by email or telephone.

For information contact the secretariat info@enjoysail.it   

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