Individual boarding | Cabin Charter to the Aeolian Islands

The individual boarding known as "Cabin Charter"or embarkation to the cabin is a new and fun way to make a vacation on a sailing boat, singles, couples and small groups of friends, can reserve, within a boat, the bed sharing the boat with other fans of the sea and sailing, perhaps in flotilla and know and interact with new travel companions. Remember that in this case we will take care of joining other participants, following the affinities related to age and gender, or a group that may be right for you. Your holiday will be a great opportunity to make new friends with people who love the sea and sailing like you.
On our boats are born great friendships and even something more ... sail in a flotilla and this will expand your opportunities for fun and socializing.
On board of each boat there will be a professional skipper instructor who will make you discover the most beautiful and hidden corners of the Aeolian Islands, you can learn the basics of sailing or devote yourself to pure relaxation, not neglecting a little 'social life on land.

Exclusive sailing boat rental in the Aeolian Islands

In addition to the cabin charter vie is the possibility of a Sailing boat rental in the Aeolian Islands or an exclusive catamaran.What does exclusive charter mean?
Simply that the boat will be at your disposal for a week, and you can fill it entirely according to the available beds and your needs....Groups of friends, relatives, or an entire family, even a single couple, will be able to fully enjoy all the interior and exterior spaces of the boat, of course for the conduct there will be one of our professional skipper, an expert in the area, if you want to relax completely and not take care of anything you can book a service hostess cook, who will take care of you to buy the galley, cook and keep the boat in order.This type of boarding is recommended for everyone, both experts and newbies, it will be an unforgettable experience that you will surely repeat.
Visiting the Aeolian Islands by sailing boat from the sea is the best way to fully enjoy all the bays, which are often not accessible by land, plus changing island every day will make you live a different holiday that you will surely appreciate. The freedom to go at any time where you want but to have everything with you, will make your houseboat for you a magical place of comfort and fun. In addition, staying on the boat you can choose at any time to mix with the social life of the islands or take a quiet holiday away from the chaos in romantic bays under the stars.

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