The first day with us

On Saturday at 18 at the pier Marina Santa Maria Maggiore, here are the first arrivals, we begin with the presentations between skipper and participants in the cruise, we scrutinize and begin to think if we can be a compatible group.But of course we think us skippers to harmonize everything ... do not be afraid. We try to do it in the most harmonious and discreet way possible, actually we don't decide it at the moment, but we do a work upstream, studying a bit the types of people. After a brief but detailed briefing on the rules of the ship, we immediately break the ice, making the galley list all together, why not over a good aperitif....In this moment everyone starts to bare his or her soul, to show his or her preferences and tastes, this is where the first friendships and affinities are born. The list is ready, usually we skipper dictate the basic guidelines of what you need, as the boat has already in the galley many things that have accumulated over the weeks, and we are mainly to cook for everyone, of course with your collaboration. We divide the tasks, someone in the supermarket, others in the wine shop, for the next morning, we reserve the purchase of bread, fruit, vegetables and fresh fish!!! Guys do not worry there is not much effort, you are certainly tired of the trip, just put in the cart what is on the list, pay and everything will be delivered on board, already bagged and ready to be stowed. The day is already almost over all that remains is to unpack, take a shower and all to dinner together to discover the goodness Liparote and good music, which echoes throughout the streets of the island. We are all tired, Saturday is a very busy day for us skippers, and you have travelled so much to reach us, if there is still someone who has energy, he can have fun spending the night in a disco! Not bad this first day ... what do you think?

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