The most unstable places in the Aeolian Islands

A small sailing tour to discover the 3 most unstable places in the Aeolian Islands, places more or less known for their colors, their appearance and their fame are the most suitable to be successfully posted on the well-known social photo network Instagram.

The splendid beaches of Lipari, the views of Salina, the white alleys of Stromboli and its volcano, the patinated and flowery Panarea, the fascinating Vulcano, the wild Filicudi and the solitary Alicudi: the Aeolian Islands are an archipelago north of Messina, between the coasts of Calabria and Sicily, a small world made of emerged lands that seem to belong to a separate planet, a real paradise in every season, but that in spring and summer is tinged with colours that fill the heart and make the eyes smile.

Here everything is "instagrammable" (word entered from the end of 2018 in the Merriam-Webster dictionary and which clearly means "beautiful thing to photograph and post on Instagram") and our smartphone would be in danger of becoming in flames by dint of taking pictures of panoramas, selfie with islets sprouting behind them, images of breathtaking beaches or expanses of sea with shades of crystal clear blue.

Which are the three most unstable places in the Aeolian Islands, the most photogenic, that make it better and make even those who can only see them on Instagram for the moment, but also the most unstable, so the most published by the many tourists, sailors and locals who every day are enchanted by so much wonder and decide to share a small part online?

Sailing for years in the seas surrounding these wonders and reviewing hundreds of posts on the well-known social network, here are what we think are the 3 most unstable places in the Aeolian Islands:

Scario beach in Salina

Sailing on our sailboat we can reach it from the northern side of the island of Salina, near Malfa.

Its enchanting beauty can be captured by taking a photo from the sea in order to enhance the contrast between the intense blue of the water and the milky white of the small pebbles that characterize it, all framed by the vegetation that covers the wall of the island where the beach is enclosed and made even more unique if we also include in the shot the beautiful stacks, the icing on the cake for what will be a breathtaking shot.

For those who want to take a picture of the Scario beach even from above, all you have to do is swim up the path in the direction of Malfa used by those arriving from the mainland: the effect will be more collected and colors, contrasts and wow effect will always be 10 and praise!

The Arch of Angels in Lipari

This is a magical place, a true paradise on earth, or rather at sea, the name says it all. Also called Grotta degli Angeli (Cave of the Angels) is a natural arch of white rock that creates a passage in the middle of an intense blue expanse with iridescent reflections, from crystal blue to intense turquoise.

The impression, even when taking the photo, is that of being in front of a painting and that sea and rock are actually the result of the skilful brushstrokes of an artist. The colors are so intense and sharp, especially on a sunny day, that the effect is heavenly, it almost seems like not being in Italy, not being on earth, but in a cobalt blue dream.

We can capture this breathtaking place from the boat, but the most unstable effect we have if we dive into the water and take the picture flush with the sea: in this way the viewpoint will be unique and the wow effect assured! We reach the arch by sailing in the south-western part of Lipari. Once you've left the Faraglioni (they deserve a photo and a post on Instagram too!) continuing northwest to Punta del Perciato, turn around and just above it you'll find the beautiful Arch of Angels.

The volcano of Stromboli and the Strombolicchio

Is it true that the view from the sea of the Stromboli volcano in eruption, especially at sunset and at night, is a well-known show and it is well known that those who go on holiday to the Aeolian Islands can not fail to rent a sailboat or take part in a boat tour to admire with their own eyes what has always been immortalized, and for some years also very unstable, or published on Instagram and other social media, but we now propose it from a lesser known angle.

Yes, the volcano of Stromboli that smokes and its deep red gushes in the night are certainly the most unstable place in the Aeolian Islands, and perhaps even in Sicily, but the shot suggested by us is a little more particular. We advise you, in fact, to include the volcanic islet next to Stromboli, the so called Strombolicchio, a true wonder of nature, taking pictures during the day, obviously not illuminated at night if not weakly by the eruption of the volcano!

Legend has it that this small and beautiful rock looking towards Stromboli is the cap of the volcano launched into the sea during a violent eruption. Its shape, almost as if it were a tuft of black lava resting on the cobalt-shaded waters, is so unique and particular that it enriches the photo making it even richer in emotions! At the top of the islet, a lighthouse peeps out.

    And now it's your turn! Make your shots, publish them on Instagram and tag us with the hashtag #EnjoysailEolie and the most beautiful ones will be posted on our page

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