Aeolian Islands sailing

Holidays in the Aeolian Islands on a sailing boat with Enjoysail

Itinerary Milazzo, Lipari, Panarea, Stromboli, Salina, Filicudi and Vulcano

Sail with us to the beautiful Aeolian Islands on a sailing boat or gulet. The seven sisters (Aeolian Islands) are different from each other in landscapes and character with EnjoySail you can discover them in a week of relaxation and carefree.


Sailing itinerary : Milazzo, Lipari, Panarea, Stromboli, Salina, Filicudi and Vulcano

Day 1 : Milazzo

Our tour to discover the Aeolian Islands begins from Milazzo , where from 18:00 on Saturday, our guests can embark at the pier "Marina Santa Maria Maggiore" After the assignment of cabins and after the briefing with the Skipper, all to the supermarket to make cambusa! The first moment to share with the other members of the crew, excellent opportunity to begin to know each other. In the evening, dinner in a typical restaurant and walk through the streets of the center of Milazzo, animated by several outdoor venues with live music.



Cala Junco on a sailing boat Protected reserve

Day 2 : Panarea

On Sunday morning we cast off the moorings, as soon as we put out to sea, we feel pervaded by a new sense of freedom that will accompany you for the rest of the week.... Heading towards Lipari towards the Pumice quarries for a first swim. Here the water, crystal clear and transparent, has the intense colours of sapphire. What better way to start our holiday? After that we will continue to Panarea, the most chic of the seven sisters, about 9 miles of navigation. Once we reach Panarea we will make a stop at Cala Junco, a natural reserve and beautiful setting for a relaxing bath. Lunch on board. In the afternoon, if the mistral breeze will allow it, you can sail again, maybe circumnavigating the island, and then stop, now close to sunset, near Dattilo. From here we can enjoy a breathtaking show: the warm light of the sunset illuminates the islets in front of Panarea (Dattilo, Lisca bianca, Bottaro, Basiluzzo) and its colours mix with the yellow of the sulphur and the dark red of the iron that characterize their rocks, generating a light show without equal. And now all ashore to stroll through the streets of the country, and then meet all together for a drink at the Sushi Bar. Those who want to can spend the night in the most famous disco of the Aeolian Islands, the Raya, alternatively, we will spend the night in Baia Milazzese, more sheltered and quiet. Night in the roadstead.


Sciara del fuoco seen from the sea

Day 3 : Stromboli

On Monday morning it will be the turn of Basiluzzo, which with its basalts offers a wonderful setting for a bath and moments of relaxation. Then we will move to the time of "Iddu", one of the most active volcanoes in Europe, the volcano of Stromboli.

After 10 miles of navigation we will be at anchor at the foot of S. Vincenzo, a very characteristic place where you can admire the ancient Aeolian style. In the afternoon it will be possible to go ashore to visit the village. We will meet all together at theIngrid Bar for an aperitif on a terrace with a splendid view of the sea and Strombolicchio, a small island in front of Stromboli. The evening will continue by boat, dinner, and then off to admire the spectacle of the "Sciara del fuoco", the side of the island from which you can observe the explosions of the volcano, a breathtaking spectacle to be experienced first hand ... there are no words, in fact, to describe what you can feel in front of this manifestation of nature.


Day 4 : Salina

Tuesday will be dedicated to Salina, the largest island, after Lipari, of the Aeolian archipelago. In the morning we will head towards Pollara, a bay to the north-west of Salina, characterized by a high coastline and sheer drop to the sea. In these suggestive places, Troisi chose to shoot many scenes of "Il postino". Nearby you can also admire a beautiful natural arch. We will stop here for the rest of the morning and after a swim, we will prepare an excellent lunch. Refreshed by the post-lunch relaxation, we will move towards Lingua after half an hour of navigation there we will find one of the best granite of the Aeolian Islands, that of "Alfredo". We recommend that you choose the combination of figs and mulberries, perhaps accompanied by cream and brioche. To lick your lips!

Loaded with new energy, those who want to stretch their legs can take a walk to the village of Santa Marina.

For dinner you can choose whether to return to Lingua to taste the "pane cunsatu" or dine in one of the typical restaurants of Santa Marina.



Day 5: Filicudi

On Wednesday morning we will sail to Filicudi, if we are lucky we may encounter a pod of dolphins or, why not, some sea turtles, not uncommon encounters in these parts! We will stop near Capo Graziano to fully enjoy the charm of the island. In the afternoon we will move to Pecorini a Mare, a very picturesque fishing village. Time for a swim in front of the village and then ashore for a beer by the sea at the Saloon, perhaps tasting some homemade specialties! If we are lucky, our arrival may coincide with the stop of some fishing boats. In this case it will be possible to buy some excellent swordfish for dinner on the boat. Alternatively you can dine in the only restaurant in the village: "La Sirena".


Day 6 : Filicudi, Lipari and Vulcano

On Thursday morning we will stay in Filicudi, but we will move to the vicinity of Canna, a stack of volcanic origin that rises from the water several hundred meters from the coast. Here you can stay at anchor and enjoy the wonderful emerald water. It will surely be one of the most memorable baths! In the early afternoon we will sail to the Faraglioni of Lipari. Here too the coast is high and overhanging the sea and is a great place to admire the sunset. We will take advantage of the last lights of the day to move to Vulcano, in the bay of Ponente. Here we will go down to keep for a dancing aperitif on the Spiagge Nere (Black Beaches) and a walk in the village.


Day 7 : Volcano

OnFriday morning we will move to the west side of Vulcano One of the most usual stops is near the Grotta del Cavallo and the pools of Venus. Here the coast is very varied and rich in reddish colours typical of the island of Vulcano. Before returning to the port of Lipari we will have time for a last swim at the Vinci beach. From here we can admire the crater of Vulcano, with its fumaroles and its intense yellow due to the large concentrations of sulphurous rocks. 15:00, it's time to go back to Milazzo, before the petrol station closes! We will moor again at the Marina di Poseidon and spend one last evening together.

Last night on the boat, Saturday morning the landing is scheduled for 9:00 am.


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