Aeolian cruises for families with children

Book your sailing holiday in the Aeolian Islands, the sea also for families!

Sailing holidays in the company of children?

Yes of course I do!!! 

Children....insatiable seekers of adventure, love games and discovery....sognano large castles and pirate ships and then why not let them experience a great adventure?

With EnjoySail you can experience a magical cruise to the Aeolian Islands for families with children! 

Children are welcome, from the smallest who will enjoy the natural cradling of the sea to the older ones who will experience the joy of living a magical adventure also following the skipper who, through small and simple tasks, will teach them the first steps to learn to love life on a sailing boat. through small and simple tasks, will teach them the first steps to learn to love life on a sailing boat!

And you, parents? In the meantime you can relax with the knowledge that you won't have to go around every day with bags full of toys and sunscreen, because on the boat you will have everything there, close at hand!

families with children

Of course, there are instructions to follow to travel more safely:

  • becareful of the sun, even more so on a boat: bring high protection sun cream, hats, sunglasses. There are also t-shirts that help protect against UV rays, if the family's skin is very fair they could be useful;


  • Comfort first of all, there is no need to bring many things, but always remember to bring comfortable clothes for the little ones and above all a heavy change for the evening and a kw or windbreaker.


  • small first aid kit, no fear! It can happen to both adults and children to slip and get a scratch in the boat at which point it is good to keep with you the disinfectant and band-aids, plus do not forget a cream for insect bites that can happen being in contact with nature, and if it is the first time your child goes sailing you could buy in a pharmacy bracelet anti-vomit for safety.


These small instructions together with the experience of our staff, who have been organizing sailing holidays for families for years, will guarantee an unforgettable holiday with your are you ready to leave for this new adventure?

Price list for exclusive boat suitable for families

For information contact the secretariat phone +39 3358402901

Compulsory extras for exclusive use of the boat: Comfort pack: 290 € which includes tender, outboard engine, sheets, camping gas, final cleaning.

Not included in the price skipper sailing instructor, galley, fuel, ports of embarkation and disembarkation and any extra moorings.

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Our secretary will contact you by email or telephone.

For information contact the secretariat   

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