Some tips for nautical equipment and life on a sailing boat

What to bring: equipment for a sailing cruise in the Aeolian Islands

What follows is a small guide on the equipment to bring for a cruise on a sailing boat and not to forget at least the essential things.The nautical equipment for sailing boat varies in "heaviness" according to the season but are always necessary a series of basic items, let's see which ones:
Carry all your things in a soft bag! Rigid bags, such as Samsonite and even semi-rigid trolleys with wheels should be avoided because they are difficult to store. Generally on board there are blankets but ask for safety, do not forget the mobile phone charger, exceptionally it is fine even the one from home at 220V because on the boats we have installed inverters 12/220V that can not handle hair dryer.


Sailboat clothing

On a boat it can suddenly get cold even in summer, and it's a good idea to have clothes available that can be layered on top of each other, onion style!No need to bring mountains of clothes, because in the end you will always wear the same ones!Bring short shorts, tank tops, swimsuits t-shirt, flip-flops to go ashore with the tender, (girls, we do not recommend stilettos ..!)
For the evening on the boat, a sweatshirt is ideal, but it certainly depends on the month.
Hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, a light k-way for a possible summer groppo!!!
Boat shoes, only if you decide to participate in the maneuvers on board or if you have trouble staying barefoot, with rubber soles if possible white, no need to buy expensive items 'nautical' if you do not already have them, those ordinary gymnastics can go well.

Seasickness is that malaise that will cause you a more or less accentuated discomfort very similar to car sickness. It is caused by the movement of the boat on the waves and its unexpected variations, to which the body, especially at the beginning, is not accustomed. Symptoms can be nausea, cold sweat, gagging, drowsiness, inability to move for fear that the discomfort will increase and similar things. Getting sick to your stomach can help it go away, as can lying down with your eyes closed, as can staying in the air and looking at the horizon and not looking down with the boat moving. The place that causes the most discomfort when sailing is below deck so if you feel discomfort run out or lie down immediately. Everyone is more or less at risk and it is often useless to try to resist by playing the hero! If you suffer the ferry or motion sickness, bring along some remedies.

I mention a few:
Transcopda patches put behind the ear and that last 3-4 days giving you plenty of time to get used to the rocking of the boat (They are foolproof but in Italy are no longer marketed since 2015) - Travelgum ( suitable for short sailings) - Xamamine - Homeopathic: Cocculus - Ginger - Alternative remedies : Wrist bracelets, according to Shiatzu principles ( in some cases they work or help).

Natural defenses for seasickness: eating little and often, especially dry food, crackers, rusks, bread, biscuits is certainly helpful; eat healthy and light, little alcohol ... and drink if you're thirsty!
The main remedy if you feel unwell while sailing: put yourself at the helm!Medicines those you usually use and could be useful to you.

Snorkeling equipment:

Mask, snorkel and fins if you like to snoop around underwater, canvas rock shoes or rubber sandals are fine.

We advise you to get some sea soaps for your daily cleaning, they will help you not to pollute the sea in which you will bathe every day ... in particular shower gel and shampoo.
towel and / or shower towel in microfiber and pareo not recommend the bathrobe if bulky!
good cruise to all!!!

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