Cabin Charter

Cabin charter the perfect formula for those who want to make new friends!

Traveling by boat is an unforgettable experience ... characterized by the constant contact with nature and its beauties ... Traveling by sailboat or catamaran means more aperitifs at sunset, dinners with music and discovery of new landscapes at all times, every day a new destination ...

Sometimes, however, it happens that there is no possibility of creating a group, or there is a desire to unplug from everything else and at this point a new possibility opens up before us: the Cabin Charter!

With the Cabin Charter you can meet people, make new friends without any commitment just your presence!


Cabin charter for singles or couples

Our cruises on sailing boats and catamarans offer the fun and innovative formula of cabin charter, valid for both singles and couples. With this formula you can buy a place in a double cabin or the whole cabin, on sailing boats or catamarans, led by our professional skippers. The group will be selected by ourselves in order to make it as much as possible in line with your interests.



All together in the Flotilla!

 Hop aboard a CabinCharter Flotilla. Flotilla sailing consists of several boats sailing together on the same itinerary, but coordinated by our skippers. The crews will be formed to make them as homogeneous as possible both for status (singles / couples) and for age groups will create a larger group by joining them, this will result in greater safety and fun!


Leave with us, choose EnjoySail!

We will be available to organize your cruise.
Our secretary will contact you by email or telephone.

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Book now your cabin charter holiday in the Aeolian Islands

Cabin Charter Price List in Aeolian Islands

Boarding datesItinerary shared bathroomprivate bathroom
dal 03/06 al 10/06
Naples - Aeolian Islands - Lipari€ 500
€ 600
dal 10/06 al 17/06
Lipari-isole Eolie-Lipari€ 500
€ 600
dal 17/06 al 24/06
Lipari-isole Eolie-Lipari€ 550
€ 650
dal 24/06 al 01/07
Lipari-isole Eolie-Lipari€ 650
€ 750
dal 01/07 al 08/07
Lipari-isole Eolie-Lipari€ 650
€ 750
dal 08/07 al 15/07Lipari-isole Eolie-Lipari€ 650
€ 750
dal 15/07 al 22/07
Lipari-isole Eolie-Lipari€ 700
€ 800
dal 22/07 al 29/07
Lipari-isole Eolie-Lipari€ 750
€ 850
dal 29/07 al 05/08
Lipari-isole Eolie-Lipari€ 850
€ 950
dal 05/08 al 12/08
Lipari-isole Eolie-Lipari€ 850
€ 950
dal 12/08 al 19/08Lipari-isole Eolie-Lipari€ 850€ 950
dal 19/08 al 26/08
Lipari-isole Eolie-Lipari€ 750€ 950
dal 26/08 al 02/09
Lipari-isole Eolie-Lipari€ 650€ 750
dal 02/09 al 09/09Lipari-isole Eolie-Lipari€ 600€ 700
dal 09/09 al 16/09Lipari-isole Eolie-Lipari€ 550€ 650
dal 16/09 al 23/09Lipari-isole Eolie-Lipari€ 500€ 600
dal 23/09 al 30/09Lipari-isole Eolie-Napoli€ 500€ 600

NB: no security to be left in deposit.

The price includes: Accommodation on board in double cabin, insurance and VAT.

Included in the Price: sailing instructor, sheets, tender and final cleaning, RC insurance

Excluded from the Price: the ports, the galley and the diesel oil are regulated with common cash (about euro 180 per person per week).

Documents to make the reservation: copy of identity card and tax code and medical certificate.

Payment method : 50% deposit, balance 30 days before boarding. See Covid-19 Policy