Seven aperitifs in the Aeolian Islands

Aperitif at the Aeolian Islands: a guide to show you the most beautiful places where you can sip fresh cocktails at sunset accompanied by good local food in fascinating locations.

The Aeolian Islands are beautiful in every season, the winter is mild and autumn practically does not exist, it seems like an extension of summer or at most a warm spring!

With this favorable climate a weekend or a holiday in the Aeolian Islands on a sailing boat is always possible, even in autumn, as well as enjoying an aperitif on board, toasting with a good Sicilian wine and nibbling oranges (or arancine depending on where we are), cunzato bread and other local delicacies, which more than an appetizer look like a full dinner.

Having an aperitif at the Aeolian Islands in the middle of the sea, maybe enjoying a sunset on the Stromboli volcano, is an experience to be done, but where to go, instead, for a particular aperitif, once you have touched land?

Each island has its own meeting places, among small squares, terraces overlooking the sea and secret gardens: at the Aeolian Islands at aperitif time there is only an embarrassment of choice, however here are seven places, one for each "sister" where to go to fully enjoy a relaxing break at sunset.

Aperitif in Lipari: The Lipari Garden - Garden Café, Via Nuova Strittu Longu - Lipari

In the largest island of the Aeolian archipelago of cool places to stop at sunset there is a sea!

Among the alleys of the old town, less than 10 minutes walk from the marina, "Il Giardino di Lipari" is an oasis of peace and taste where you can stop to enjoy a really good Aeolian aperitif, a place with a unique atmosphere, where you can sip excellent local wine and taste typical Sicilian products and enjoy listening to good live music.

Colorful deckchairs around wooden tables, chairs and benches with cushions in the middle of a fragrant garden create the right mood for a relaxing pre-evening in full Aeolian style. The food is simple and refined and you can taste, in addition to many dishes and snacks made with fresh fish, also cocktails made with art, champagne and the best Sicilian wines. Among the tastiest appetizers are fish balls with citrus fruits and as dessert the pistachio ice cream from Bronte, simple but delicious! Always better to call first, the Garden of Lipari is subject to seasonal openings.

3393299029 – 3383715046.

Aperitif in Vulcano: The "Malvasia Pane Cunzatu & Restaurant", via degli Eucaliptus - Vulcano

Always inside a quiet Aeolian garden, in via degli Eucaliptus, near the small western port, where we moor our boat, the "Malvasia Pane Cunzatu & Restaurant" is much more than an aperitif bar.

"Eat out and feel at home" is the slogan of this place and as the name already tells us, this is the right address to drink the excellent local Malvasia, enjoying good cunzato bread made according to a traditional recipe. If it's getting late, between a glass, an appetizer and a chat, you can also decide to stay for dinner, with an a la carte menu that every evening has some news and offers dishes made with ingredients 0 km 0, fish above all, with a careful preparation and an authentic and refined taste.

Particular also dishes and glasses, all pieces of local handicraft. For information: 3466039439

Aperitif in Stromboli: La Tartana, Via Regina Elena - Stromboli

For an aperitif on such a special island you need a very special place. For us the Tortuga is the best place where you can try an aperitif at the Aeolian Islands in Stromboli. Located on the beach of Ficogrande, in front of the magical Strombolicchio, it offers the right atmosphere, and the right products, for a regenerating aperitif after a day spent at sea, or on a sailing boat to explore the wonders that only the Aeolian Islands know how to give to the eyes, and to the spirit! Here there are no rules, the important thing is to let yourself go to the music that is the background to glasses of spritz or local wine and appetizers filled with fresh fish, fried or not. With our sailboat we can anchor in the roadstead of Scari and go down with the tender to the wharf of Ficogrande, but taking great care as the wharf is not fully accessible and partially silted up even if very well sheltered from the wind. Alternatively we can go down to the main port of the island, to the pier of Scari, on the contrary very exposed to the east and sirocco winds, and then take a quarter of an hour walk to the beach of Ficogrande. For information: 090986025

Aperitif in Salina: Sea merchants Piazza Santa Marina 7 - Salina

What could be better after a day sailing in the Aeolian Islands, among sun, sand and bathing than an aperitif on a cool terrace overlooking the sea, shaded by beautiful and fragrant pine trees? We are in Salina and precisely at the Hotel Restaurant Mercanti di Mare, a splendid family-run structure overlooking the main square of Santa Marina, a few steps from the main port of the island. On the terrace, which overlooks the sea, in addition to breakfast, every day from 18 you can relax with an excellent aperitif. Wines and local appetizers will accompany us until dinner time in a spacious but intimate environment for a few hours of total relaxation. For further information and reservations: +39 090 9843536

Aperitif in Panarea: Raya Restaurant, Via S. Pietro - Panarea

On the most fashionable and VIP island of the Aeolian Islands there are plenty of places to have a cool aperitif, but where can we take a break from the hustle and bustle of this crowded island to enjoy a cocktail or a glass of wine and some local specialties without waiting in line and without necessarily meeting famous people? Raya Restaurant is in our opinion the right place. Located a few minutes walk from the port, where we will moor our sailboat, it is also located on the enchanting sea view terrace of a tourist facility, the Hotel Raya Myriam Beltrami, with one of the most beautiful views of Panarea. The atmosphere is magical at sunset also thanks to the dj set of lounge music (and not only) that accompanies the aperitif with good and well-kept drinks and excellent finger food snacks, all at prices absolutely in line with the quality offered and the standards of the island. For more information: +39 090 983013

Aperitif in Filicudi: Filicudi Saloon, Borgo Pecorini Mare - Filicudi

In the magical village of Pecorini a Mare, the Filicudi Saloon is the meeting place for the whole island, not only in the afternoon, during aperitif time, but also in the evening. At sunset everyone meets here, to drink beer and malvasia together in an enchanting setting, on the beach. Aperitif, happy hour and music: simple, but fair, ingredients for a moment of joy, even out of season! The appetizers are prepared by a lady who prepares excellent homemade Sicilian food. No problem for the mooring: we can take advantage of the good pier of 45 meters of Pecorini that welcomes boaters.

Aperitif in Alicudi - Bar l'Airone and grocery store, pier

We reach with our sailboat Alicudi, the furthest from the coast of the Aeolian Islands. Here there are no roads, there are no cars or motorbikes or practically no shops and public electricity (only in the house is present), let alone aperitif places!

However, on the pier, at the bar l'Airone it is possible to refresh yourself after a day on a sailboat or on the beach (here there is the Perciato beach, full of spectacular lava rocks, absolutely to be admired for its particular beauty) and have an excellent aperitif. Alternatively, just do like many others: find yourself before the sun goes down at the grocery store next to the bar and buy sandwiches and beer. In both cases you can enjoy the spectacle of the sunset with Stromboli in view: peace of mind! For information about the Heron bar: 3891131593

And this is how our nightlife ends, from island to island, club to club, with eyes full of breathtaking views and the palate satisfied by the delicious street food and local dishes washed down with cocktails or Sicilian wines. Every aperitif in the Aeolian Islands, every island and every place will leave us with something unique and indelible in our memory and heart and certainly so much peace and relaxation!

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